Hi folks. Thought I should introduce myself.
I am Barb of Behaven Shelties.
I have had Shelties in my life  non stop since 1960.
My intro into Shelties was through the late"Hazel Slaughter"-Meridian Shelties (Quebec)& "Ruth Lane"-Summit(Mass.)
I have never owned any other breed, however do love Westies & Staffies.
Would not refuse a Great Dane either.
I am a "natural rearing breeder".
My pups go to agility folk,obedience folk & conformation folk as well as just loving sheltie owners.
I co-own many of my offspring .These people are wonderful.We share great relationships. All my pups are raised on raw & no vaccines.There are no caustic chemicals in,on or around their environment.This means natural cleaning products,natural dewormers & clean,fresh, raw food & water.
My main goal is to produce the healthiest,intelligent shelties that live long lives!
I follow "Mother Nature" in all of my decisions.